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Protected Health Information (PHI): Ensuring that our patients’ information is safe and secure is one of our top priorities. This form is HIPAA compliant and SHA-256 with RSA Encrypted.

Patient Authorization for Delivery of Medications

hereby authorize the clinic’s staff on duty to act on my behalf to accept medication delivery from the clinic’s dispensing physician and deliver my medications and refills to me as prescribed by my physician.

I understand that delivery of such medications can be picked up at the clinic or mailed to my provided address on a weekly basis (or as often as ordered by the physician). This authorization will remain active for the course of my treatment at this clinic or until I revoke it in writing. If your state is not licensed by any of the compounding pharmacies, we are allowed to sign for the order and send it to the patient. Any orders delivered damaged or incomplete must be reported to New Tampa Alternative Medicine; referred to as NTAM within 24 hours of delivery and the pictures of damaged package/product must be sent to

NTAM is not financially responsible or liable for lost or stolen items once delivered. Once items have been scanned as delivered to the customer’s address, it is up to the customer to report any missing or stolen packages to NTAM within 24 hours of the delivery date.

Any packages returned for an INCOMPLETE/ INCORRECT address can be shipped again at the patient’s expense.

No Guarantee of Services

We do not guarantee that any services or medications will be provided to you until you have undergone the full initial sign up process and physician’s examination. At the physician’s discretion only, you will be provided medications and/or services during your program at NTAM.

NTAM requires you to have an annual consultation with our provider and annual lab work is done. Lab work every 6 months is preferred but not required. Additional lab work can be requested by the provider at any time.

No Refund Policy

*NTAM reserves the right to have NO RETURN and NO REFUND policy.

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